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Pouches are a great way to market your product.  At Trend, we understand and speak flexible packaging.  From films as thin as 2mils and upwards, we have the product you are looking for.  We supply printed and unprinted pouch materials on white, clear, or silver depending on the application, or what look your brand requires.  A pouch can be great for samples, or pre measured doses of your product.  Seasonings, vitamins, lotions and gels, Trend has you covered.

Specialty Packaging

Looking for a partner that can produce flexible packaging for more than one aspect of your business?  Here at Trend we boast a wide range of solutions for your flexible packaging needs.  With low MOQ, and versatile equipment, we have the ability to produce both small and large volume runs.  Perhaps a nutrition bar is in the works, requiring a high barrier film with every aspect covered for direct food contact?  Looking for a pouch to hold a liquid?  Our team of pouch creators can provide you a solution, while giving your brand the look you desire, while being completely inline with FDA direct food contact parameters.

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